Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Sad Life of a Window Display.

Window displays are the life and soul of a shop. Without them we simply could not judge what the true contents of the shop might be. You would never dare to enter a shop before checking out what they offer, lest some unknown product be forced on you with no warning, tempting you with it's unknown qualities. No, it is far more safe to stop before shopping and try before you buy, particularly with all these economic crises.
A window display can inform you of the shops contents, tempt you into the shop or even put you off if it's not to your taste. A lot of time and effort will be put in to ensure maximum efficiency in the window displays job.
However, we never stop to think what it might be like to be that window display. There is sits for a while, being appreciated by a few passers by, ignored by others and sneered at by some disapproving shoppers. Then it goes out of fashion and is shoved aside to make room for the new and exciting stuff which will take it's place. And then what? The life of that display is spent, and it disappears from sight and memory.
I feel like my mind is a window display: observed by some, purposefully ignored by others and sometimes just not noticed at all.
There I sit in my allocated window pane, being examined by the masses who pass by. Some will stop and stare for a while, and might even be of some company, but mostly it's a quick glance and walk on by.
Around me sits variety of things, all of which can only be described as piles of crap. Yes, crap. All my crap is strewn about for all the world to see, but that's fine because most people don't notice anyway.
Sometimes a passer by might take pity on me, stuck behind a window in a big pile of rubbish and offer me a hand out. Unfortunately, my display is due to stay for a while, so unless they went through the complicated process of speaking to a shop assistant, then a supervisor and a store manager and so on, it's pretty pointless to try. Though the gesture is appreciated.
No, I am doomed to sit in this crap until someone decides it's about time there was a new display.
I can't just get up and walk away from it, because the doors are locked and the glass is thick and sort of like that glass where you can see in but I can't see out. I'm trapped.
The metaphor here, in case you didn't guess, is me feeling isolated from the world with nothing seeming to be able to reach me and help me out. Except the shop assistants with their magical key and knowledge of the best way to dress a display for maximum public interest. When they finally decide it's about time to change my window display, I will be free.
But then what?
What about all my piles of crap?
As much as they are a burden, they are still mine and I cannot simply abandon them. I have to take them with me, until I am ready to let go.

Translated, this analogy refers to the extreme loneliness one feels when depressed. You cannot see a way out and feel completely trapped. You also feel like nobody really cares, even though you've laid it all out for everyone to see. But there is a glimmer of hope. There are some days that aren't so bad, and you can see that there are people there: friends, doctors, anyone. And this is what you must hold on to while you sit, buried in your problems.

Then there's the other side of the window. The side where you can only look in. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing myself in the window, but I'm not really there. I can view the problems and the crap but I can't get to it because it's locked in the tiny display room.
Again I feel isolated and empty, because I have been separated from my problems. You would think this would be a good thing, and that it would give me a break to not always have to carry them around, but it isn't. In a way they have become a security blanket and something for me to hide behind.
If I can't access my problems, then I can't resolve them, so I must either be trapped with them, or live knowing they are constantly there behind the glass of the window.

The shop window is just another mechanism I have created in order to keep up appearances and look either fine or not. Whether you as a shopper wants to take an interest in this is up to you. My problems are not your problem but you may view them if you wish and you can offer a hand when I'm trapped in the window. But eventually you will have to walk on by, for there are many windows on a street and many people that are trapped, and you cannot choose to prioritise one over another, no matter how well laid out a particular display is.

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