Thursday, 15 November 2012

Just Say No.

Today I took a day off. And I feel no remorse, even though I missed some stuff and let some people down.
Sometimes you have to prioritise yourself (I've mentioned this before) and it's no use pushing yourself too far because in the long term it's damaging.
I spent today wrapped in my duvet watching films. And it was glorious.
One of the hardest things to do in life is to say 'no', but you've just gotta do it!
No, I will not buy your overpriced sofa.
No, I will not claim back my PPI.
No, I will not accompany you to the bathroom because you need me to use the hand-dryer while you pee.
You get the point.
I am officially starting the 'Just Say No' campaign.
Try it once in a while.
Obviously you can't be completely selfish and say 'no' to everything but saying 'yes' most of the time definitely earns you a few bonus 'no's'.
Just do it.
Say 'no'.

Ah, nearly got you there!

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  1. this made me smile, and it hope this makes you smile :)


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